SafeCycler Bike Light

SafeCycler Bike Light

Available on for CDN$ 19.95 + CDN$ 11.45 for shipping:

Scared to ride your bike because of all the distracted drivers on the road these days?

Want to keep your kids safe on the road?

GRAB drivers attention with a SafeCycler® LED Super Bright Bike Light Set !

- Super-Bright flashing lights alert drivers of your presence

- High quality mounting attachments keep the lights on your bike, even on rough roads

- Front light is made of tough, high quality aluminum (Great for use by kids!)

- Easy to install

- A Quick Release feature allows you to easily remove both lights in seconds

- Water proof: Rubber seals keep the electronics dry

- No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

- Batteries Included!

The best way to get noticed is to use a Super Bight Bike Light Set from SafeCycler®. Our bike lights are designed specifically for safety. Even in full daylight, the super bright blinking lights grab a drivers attention so they KNOW you are there.

The front light has one large LED and emits a super bright white light while maximizing battery life. The housing is made from tough aluminum so even rough handling by a child will not break it.

The front light mount will fit on handlebars up to 1-1/8 inch in diameter. The light has two modes of illumination, blinking and constant on.

The rear light has three LED’s that illuminate in red with three illumination modes: Blinking, random blinking (the best), and full on. The rear light will fit on your seat post and it also has a clip that can be attached to a bag you may have under your seat.

No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

Available on CDN$ 19.95 + CDN$ 11.45 for shipping: